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Trans la Pine (2006)
Trans-Action Immobiliere (2006)
She-Men Beauty Pageant (2006)
She-Men Beauty Pageant: The winner of this pageant has an extra surprise. After all, why just crown a queen, when you can crown a queen and king all in one person? And that`s exactly what happens because these beauty queens have a royal scepter between their legs that is perfect for a little sucking and fucking.
Fucking She-Males 2 (2008)
Here's the second installment in the infamous Nacho Vidal's new gender-bent series.
putting the hotel room to good use
Hayley Hilton is ready to get some action. When Christian enters her hotel room she is there to greet him with a kiss. They fuck in the bathroom, they fuck on the chair, they fuck in the bed...these two passionate lovers utilize every inch of space to get their groove on.

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