Transsexuals and The Women They Love (2010)

TS Full Film / 2010 year 11 April, 2020
Transsexuals and The Women They Love (2010)

Transsexuals and The Women They Love (2010)

Starring: Adriana Buchechi, Brenda, Carla, Carolina Paz, Liz Cordoba, Yanina
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2010

Six lucky women are about to receive the best gift ever. They are all about to experience the best of both worlds when they start by sucking on some sweet titties and kissing beautiful lips, it isn't until long that these women have their mouths wrapped around some sweet, transsexual cock! Whether it's blonde T-Girl, Carolina with her big tits and a huge cock to match, or the dark haired, flat-chested Brenda who is packing a fully functional monster snake, these women are truly loved by their transsexual girlfriends.

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Transsexuals and The Women They Love 2 (2010)
There a re a lot of women out there who love to be with men and women, well, these lucky women are about to experience the best of both worlds. These sexy transsexuals are packing some serious heat underneath their g-strings and while they may have nice, juicy breasts, it's their package below that keeps these women screaming for more.These T-Girls fuck their women in every positions while creaming all over their tits, ass and, in the last scene, a hot facial.
UK Tranny House (2010)
Take a peek into the UK Tranny House where the most gorgeous chicks with dicks are getting totally rude and raunchy! Hot She-males do hot She-males and straight guys too! These Incredibley horny She-males share their hard, throbbing cocks with each one of their suitors. They have curves and feminine ways they're cock suckers that just love to ride dick balls deep and if you're if you're in a wild mood and want to flip they're ready.
Dark haired goddess Jesse Dubai and luscious lady Jane Marie have a few things in common. They like yoga. They also love a big dick up their ass. When hot yoga master Steve Rickz decides to finger them both in the middle of a yoga workshop, they're in for it. Steve chases the other yoga students out of the room before showing is wholesome cock to the two horny trans cuties. Yes, "yoga" does rhyme with "foot play". Supported by Jane's helping hands, Jessy performs the wildest bridge pose that has ever been done. She sucks Rickz while he takes Jane's mouth down his throat.
A Hole For A Hole
Trans diva Aspen Brook has had her eye on blonde beauty Charlotte Sins – his roommate’s girlfriend – for a while, and she’s finally come up with a plan to get close to her. After noticing that Charlotte and her roommate are constantly arguing about their tame sex life, Aspen realizes that if Charlotte catches a glimpse of her hard cock, she won’t be able to resist her. In order to surprise Charlotte, Aspen has cut a series of glory holes in a shower curtain, and when a frustrated Charlotte enters the shower,
Sauna Spy
Daisy Taylor, a sizzling spa-goer who loves the heat of a nice hot sauna. Her masseur Daniel Hausser spies on Daisy as she strips down and oils herself up, peeping on her from behind some conveniently placed plants as she rubs her perfect body. Daniel can't help himself and follows her as she moves into the steam room, watching from between the wood planks as she starts stroking herself. Daniel sees an opportunity for a spark between them, sliding his hard cock through a conveniently placed hole for Daisy to admire. Daisy stroked Daniel then invites him into the steam room with her for some hot and heavy mutual masturbation.

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