Transsexual Kingdom (2015)

TS Full Film / 2015 year 05 June, 2020
Transsexual Kingdom (2015)

Transsexual Kingdom (2015)

Starring: Alexia Nogueira, Anna Paola, Bia Mastroianni, Carla
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2015

Who is a King? Who is a Queen? In this kingdom, nobody's quite sure. Why not both? In Transsexual kingdom girls have long hair, tits and cocks! Prepare; we are entering the world of hardcore sex with horny shemales who fuck guys, girls, and other sexy T-girls!

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So many horny guys love fucking chicks with big dicks, but these four guys are so turned on with the perfect combination of tight ass, tits and stiff cock they can't resist giving up their own mouths and butt holes for their tranny tops to sink their hard dicks into!

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