Men Into Women! (1996)

TS Full Film 17 June, 2020
Men Into Women! (1996)

Men Into Women! (1996)

Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 1996

Exclusive - Wife Makes Hubby Take It! His wife, with savage pleasure and another woman to assist her, puts her macho husband in a tight corset, a curly wig, lots of eye shadow and lip stick, high heels and slutty fish net stockings. The wife straps on a dildo and bends her pretty husband over the toilet bowl and ravages him! Another man is chained in a dungeon and three women make him over complete with earrings and high heels. Then he's bent over a wooden saw horse!
They Taught Him To Become A Street Hooker! - His mistress more than transformed him into a woman. She made him a whore, like a tramp. That aroused him. So she bent him over her knee and spanked him like a delinquent!
As A Woman, He Felt Secret Thrills! - Three women bathe and shave a man before his transformations. Next his make-up is smeared between one woman's thighs, while another woman, wearing a strap-on, fucks his anus until he climaxes!
It Was The Erotic Experience Of A Lifetime! - Fascinated with his stunning good looks, she trains, grooms and conditions him until he's completely transformed into a beautiful woman. The final test is when she delivers the confused young beauty to her husband for servicing. The transvestite sucks him until he orgasms!

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